“Sorry, I didn’t see you!”

The page and site I’m going to recommend is actually part of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s website… but you don’t have to ride a motorcycle to benefit from the information. You’ll learn one more thing about how your mind (and in this case, eyes) work. We’re actually talking about what used to be called “target fixation” — a term used in World War II bomber/fighter pilot training. The essence of the phenomena is that you will tend to go where you are looking and, if you focus intently on the target, you won’t see obstacles and hazards. Pilots were known to crash into their targets.

There’s lots of application here–from driving to managing. Who has not known a manager who was so focused on accomplishing a goal that he or she ignored circumstances and information? There can be a downside to focus when it becomes obsession–we start to “lose” our peripheral vision after as little as 20 seconds of staring at a single point. For a more technical explanation look up “Troxler Effect” and then commit to blinking and shifting your gaze while driving–and being aware of your environment when managing.

But first experience it by visiting this page: MAF Motion Induced Blindness


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