Affordable Lifelong Learning

online_student_learning_300_clr_4545This could be about your local adult education program–most have a great variety of courses at an affordable price. (I could engage in some blatant self-promotion here!) But let me also share another venue–I’ve not yet actually taken a course, but the approach is intriguing because it seems to mirror the way some online college courses are working.

Skillshare claims to offer “hundreds of classes from the worlds best teachers” and “project based learning” at your own pace. After a bit of window shopping, I’d say that pricing seems to be between $19 and $29 for most courses. However, there is also a “membership” plan at $9.95 per month that gives you free access to many classes and a 20% discount on others.

Every class includes some video–usually short segments and a “real life” project. There are samples of some of the projects on the site. Skillshare describes this approach as “community based,” meaning students interact and collaborate during the course.

There is a wide variety of courses and, I suspect, the number will continue to grow. Most courses have a video introduction by the teacher and include student reviews. Since I saw at least one course where only 50% of the students gave a positive review, it would seem the reviews are published without editing.

In answer to your question, “Yes, I might (consider offering a course or two).” Until then, take a look at what’s available!


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