Got What It Takes?

Solopreneuring–Got what it takes?

Being your own boss can be a pain! But even so, nearly everyone at some time enjoys the idea of “being their own boss.” The rewards may be great but so are the risks and requirements. This fast-paced workshop will challenge you to be honest with yourself and discover what sort of person you will be to work for.

Student Resources — This is the booklet mentioned in class… prepared by the UMaine Extension Service and geared especially to Maine businesses… free! — Good basic information about the requirements of starting a business. — The Small Business Administration offers objective information—much will be beyond the needs of a solopreneur, but it’s a great source of free help. — This site is geared a bit towards women, but has some good thought starters and ideas. — The jury is still out for me on this one, but it appears to have some visitors who share openly without trying to force you to hire them! — this is admittedly geared to business owners who are a bit different than solopreneurs, but there’s also some good stuff to be found on the forum… how about “five things a woman should never say when negotiating?” (I read this and would say I’m not so sure men should say them either!)


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