Is There A Book In You?

Book LogoIs There A Book In You?

Publishing technology and the industry has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s no longer impossible or expensive for new authors to get published thanks to “Indie Publishing” and POD (print on demand) technology. Join local author “Mr. Boomsma” to learn how he published and distributes his recent book “Small People — Big Brains” using readily available resources.

 Student Resources

  • is my “home base” for self-publishing chosen after some research. I chose it primarily because of its affiliation with Amazon and Kindle and have found it relatively user friendly. The createspace community (forums) is a fairly friendly place but there are a lot of people who are the equivalent of publishing “nerds” in computer terminology. Intentionally or not, they can make the process seem more difficult than it actually is. I had a brief debate with one contributor who was quite certain not using the correct length “dash” would negatively impact sales of my book.
  • is a great sight full of articles about writing. This particular link addresses getting started.
  • is a good article with ten suggestions for line editing.
  • is an interesting little site that claims to review self-publishing companies. Given there are currently only fifty or so contributing members, the information is a bit sparse, but the concept is good and the reviews seem genuine.
  • is where I almost began my publishing effort. The process is friendly and printing prices are very competitive, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of marketing assistance. This might be a good place to consider if you were publishing something like a family history and just need some “hard” copies to hand out.
  • is something of a “hangout” for authors and journalists. There are some good articles and it’s interesting to visit the forums, but be aware the forums tend to be dominated by a few moderators and self-appointed experts.
  • is a site that isn’t quite living up to it’s potential… one frustration is the number of broken links. That said, there is some good stuff to be found here on a wide spectrum of topics related to writing and indie publishing.

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