Substitute Teacher Training

teacher_colaberation_pc_400_clr_3388Substitute Teacher Training Course

This fun one-day program is designed to prepare people interested in serving as a substitute teacher or ed tech in area districts. There will be plenty of “hands on learning” that will include important classroom management techniques and teaching strategies. We’ll also cover some legal aspects and help you develop your own “sub pack” of resources and an action plan that will get you started on the right foot! If you’ve been subbing for a while, this is a great opportunity for a “refresher” and some new ideas.

Suicide Awareness Training

This two-hour awareness session will bring attendees into compliance with the recent law (LD 609) that requires all Maine school employees to receive basic suicide prevention education. The program is designed to raise awareness about suicide risk factors and warning signs and to provide information on what steps to take if suicide is suspected. While focused on students and youth, the information and skills learned are appropriate for use with anyone who might be feeling suicidal, no matter what their age. The course is taught by Walter Boomsma who is Gatekeeper Trained and is a NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) Certified Mental Health First Aid Specialist. He is an experienced educator and substitute elementary school teacher.

Student Resources

(or should we say “Teacher Resources?”) This section will keep expanding… if you have a resource to share with your subbing colleagues, please post a comment or send an email!

One of the challenges subs face is “learning the lingo.” For a glossary of terms related to “proficiency-based learning” visit the Maine Department of Education Website. I can’t promise it won’t make your eyes glaze over.

Graphic organizers are awesome! (Particularly for people like me who love organizing.) For some free ones you can download and keep in your sub pack, visit the Worksheet Library.

How about over 60,000 videos about teaching?! WatchKnowLearn is a true potpourri of information… most videos are less than ten minutes and cover a wide variety of topics from things like how to give “brain breaks” to ideas for enhancing “Daily Five” routines.

Special thanks to 14-year-old Chloe’s Mom from the UK for sharing a great math resource… Maths Doctor is a site for middle and high school students and adult substitute teachers who need some “brushing up.” Short videos are listed by category and you’ll see some promotion of Math Doctor’s paid tutoring program, but the videos are straightforward and well illustrated.


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