Your WordPress Website/Blog


Your WordPress Website/Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source blogging and website publishing platforms available today. In this “user friendly” and hands-on course you’ll learn the basics of building a blog or website for your business or pleasure—in fact, you’ll have your site up and running by the end of the class. You should have some basic computer skills and a basic understanding of the Internet.  The class is not designed for advanced users! Note that you must be able to access your email during the first class.

 Resources for Students

One of the things to love about WordPress is the level of user-support and available of educational resources. Here are some links for you to consider:

  1. Learning WordPress is a great place to start or review the basics.
  2. Understanding WordPress Options (self-hosted vs WordPress hosted/free)
  3. Online Tutorials
  4. Support Documents
  5. WordPress TV

Specific techniques:

Here is a simple explanation of how to create a slide presentation within WordPress.


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